God is the initiator of Salvation and Jesus is the Hero. God doesn’t respond to us – we respond to God’s initiative and calling. He saves and secures us for salvation and we respond only because of and by his grace. Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension and sending of the Spirit are the center and fulfillment of our faith. It is through him, because of him and in him that we come to be God’s people, are transformed and have hope for final restoration.


We believe the Holy Spirit is alive and active in regeneration, empowerment and ongoing filling for the purposes of God in this world. We believe all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still available today, but not one of them in particular is required to give evidence of the baptism or filling of the Spirit. 


We believe that Scripture is the authoritative and life giving word of God Himself.  We affirm the divine inspiration, truthfulness and authority of both Old and New Testament Scriptures in their entirety as the only written word of God, without error in all that it affirms, and the only infallible rule of faith and practice. We believe the story of Scripture centers upon the redemption of Jesus Christ, and His work in humanity. We also believe that it is the work of the Spirit as He illuminates our minds and hearts to perceive truth in His word.


We believe the Kingdom of God was inaugurated in Jesus’ first coming and will be consummated in his second coming. We live in the in-between where we can experience the reign of Jesus while longing for its completion as we also experience the reality that things are not yet fully as they will be within the new heaven and new earth. We acknowledge the variety of views within inaugurated eschatology and allow for this variety within our family.


We believe the church is the family of God sent by the Spirit to make disciples of Jesus to all nations throughout the world. We are saved by God’s power for God’s purposes to bring him glory in all things wherever we are. The church is always being sent by God to accomplish his mission.


We believe the most irreducible and effective structure for making disciples as the church is a Gospel Community. This is a smaller group of people who gather regularly and engage in everyday life on mission throughout the week with a commitment to reaching a particular people and place together with the goal of making disciples and multiplying and sending more GC's.  Sign up here.

Our  Discipleship Groups is a place where leaders can get trained in how to make disciples that make disciples. Usually these groups range from 4-8 people. This is a more intimate setting where discipleship is the goal. Its a place to receive encouragement and accountability.  We believe to really grow d-groups also have to be a place of high commitment, meeting a minimum of every 2 weeks.  Each meeting we want to prayerfully discuss, “What is God saying to me?” and “What am I going to do about it?” Sign Up Here