What is this Auction all about?

  •  A fun night to raise money for a project
  •  All items donated will be auctioned off 
  • A chance for you to use your talents and skills to benefit God's work here at CBIC
  • Eat your evening meal  -  the food is very delicious
  •  Purchase baked goods to take home or eat that night
  • God’s work here at Chambersburg BIC

What does this Auction Benefit?

Proceeds will go towards the cost of re-painting the sanctuary.


How can you be part of this Auction?

  •  Mark this date on your calendar and come that night
  •  Donate a handmade item – craft item, canned goods, jerky, etc.
  •  Donate a service – babysitting, dinners, use of condos at beach or cabin in the mountain, massage, furnace cleaning, home made ice cream social, etc..
  •  Sign up to bring a food item for the Food Stand or Bake Stand
  •  Sign up to help in the kitchen – a sign up sheet will be passed around in the S.S. classrooms. 


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**Special provisions apply to this sale in order to give maximum opportunity for contributions. All items for this sale are to be made by the person presenting them.  (This includes skills such as refinishing, quilting, etc. where final finishing is done by the contributor.)  The artist-craftsman (or the committee) will put a fair market value price on the item.  This will be the value of the artist's contribution and a receipt can be obtained for this value.  The item will be sold at auction and any payment in excess of the fair market value will be the purchaser's contribution and a receipt can be obtained for the excess.  For example, if a chest is valued at $100.00 and sells for $500.00, a receipt for a $100.00 contribution will be given to the maker and one of $400.00 will be given to the purchaser.Please note that the IRS allows an artist-craftsman to deduct only a portion of the fair market value from income tax liability.  The amount varies from the cost of material plus 60% for a hobbyist, to the actual cost of materials, etc. in the case of the person who makes such articles as a business.  Check your situation with your tax consultant.