We believe that the church meets both as the gathered and scattered people of God. Sunday morning services are the church gathered and our Gospel Communities and Discipleship Groups are the church scattered.

Put simply, Gospel Communities are groups of people who gather together to do life on mission. They are groups that keep Jesus at the center and have caught a bit of his heart for a particular area of our community and strives to reflect Him there. They gather regularly in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, soccer fields and wherever community happens.  It’s different than a typical small group or bible study because the focus isn’t Bible study or community (both good things) but mission. We believe if we have a mission God has burdened our hearts with at the center of our group, community and a hunger for God’s word will grow out of that. Life on mission together isn’t easy, but it's worth it because Christ is worthy. As we corporately submit all of our lives to Christ, He uses us to reach others and community organically starts to grow among us.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how we do Gospel Communities here @ CBIC:

We currently have 6 Gospel Communities running. If you need any other information or help regarding Gospel Communities, fill the form below and someone will get in touch with soon!

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